1-Minute-Creation of your Network

You can set the most important options here. The full settings are accessable in the administration interface of you network.



Please choose your domain. This will be the internet address of your network.


Make up a nice name for your network. It should be short & clear and can be changed later on.


If you like, you can also add a subtitle to your network. Choose a motto, a slogan or another short addition to the title. You may change it as often as you like!


Choose a category that fits best to your topic. Of course, you will be able to change this later on.


Member names

Please decide, whether members of your network should use their real names or nicknames. Think carefully about it, you will NOT be able to change this afterwards.



Do you want your network to be publicly shown on the mixxt startpage or in our search results and lists or do you prefer keeping it "private"? Please note that you will NOT be able to change this setting!



Add features to your network here! Best is to begin with only a few features that you'd like to use from the start and then add new ones bit by bit. You can always add and delete features later on.



Colorless Colorless
Hip Hip
Red-one Red-one
Royal Royal
Just White Just White
Just Gold Just Gold
Just Green Just Green
Just Blue Just Blue
Just Pink Just Pink
Just Damaged Just Damaged
Just Red Just Red
Just Black Just Black
Juicy limes Juicy limes
Glowing Glowing
Books Books
Travel Travel
Old Times Old Times
Business Business
Clubbing Clubbing
Coffee Coffee
Rusty Rusty
Sun Sun
Skyline Skyline
Stars Stars
Mediteran Mediteran
Sunny Sunny
Kato Kato
Beach Beach
Dark Dark
Sunset Sunset
White Tree White Tree
Heaven Heaven
Shine Shine
Grassy Grassy
Fancy Fancy
Industrial Industrial


Network name
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Go for a fancy design that fits best to your network topic. You will be able to pick another design later on. In the network administration we also provide tools for individualising and refurbishing your design!


Terms of Service

Please read our terms for creating your own network:
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